Nurse Prose provides resume writing services for nursing and medical professionals

Mary Wagoner, CRW, is editor-in-chief and senior writer of Nurse Prose. Mary has been writing resumes since 1992 and opened Resume Prose in 2000. Since then, the company has grown to provide specialized resume services in niche industries of the American economy. Mary specializes in nursing resumes as well as acting as trainer and mentor to our other resumes writers. Mary has built Nurse Prose into one of the most respected resume writing services in the country. She has assisted clients in entering the medical field as well as worked with nurses throughout their career to secure advancements and move into new areas of interest.

Each writer has his/her own area of nursing career expertise and is familiar with the concepts, buzzwords and trends in the medical field. We pride ourselves on paying strict attention to detail to ensure our clients receive an outstanding, succinct product. With unlimited revisions, we will work with you until you succeed. We are not just a technical writing company, we are a partner in helping you attain the position you desire.

We do not use pre-formatted styles or fill in the slots of a template. Each resume is written from scratch for both content and format to maximize its unique impact and ensure the greatest potential for an interview. We believe that, in helping you succeed, we succeed as well. Your resume is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity and success. Let Nurse Prose make that key open the door to your future.

Please see our nurse resume samples here.